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  1. I know how you feel I shudder at the high street prices and quantity of tat, but it is nice to get something you like for a good price once in a while.I'm like that with my home too, I really need a TV stand but I want to find something suitable at the junk shop or boot sale as I refuse to buy some generic tat from Argos as seems to be the rage, yuk!Kandi x

  2. Gidday Tim.Put me down for 10 September. That is the most likely date from September. If they do not go to September then it will be August 20. Any earlier than that and they will recieve the biggest thrashing ever next election when they would have to call it mid-winter. I have no inside knowledge but my tea leaves told me so.

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  4. My favorite site! You are a great writer writing about a great show…MM. When I go to the site by typing in the web address it is old content (5/24). The only way that I can read current content is to do search for BOK ‘Commissions and Fees’ recap. Any thoughts?

  5. It’s a pretty poor gallery of presidential wannabes, isn’t it? The chief problem is that not a single one of them is willing to discuss ideas, except if an idea is in a pre-packaged bromide that sends zings through the hearts of supporters and if the candidate isn’t pressed to state his premises. Imagine any one of them – Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Santorum, Paul – in debate in 1787 with the Founders over Constitutional issues. Laughable, right? The Founders would have asked the sergeant-at-arms who let the imbeciles in.

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  7. All this talk about the HSR makes me think it should be one of these infrastructural improvement projects Obama has been talking about. He could make it a government project to build a Midwestern HSR network, creating jobs in the process and in the end enjoying the fruits of a HSR system.

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  9. I love the course so far, even though I’m completely sick. It is sooo frustrating that every time i get ready to do something positive I get sick or injured…oh well, another story…I had to put the scale away and that is the hardest thing EVER…b/c every time I put the scale away I gain ten pounds or more…so I’m going to cheat and have a check in tomorrow…I’m taking this course b/c it’s about self-acceptance, which is something I’ve never really done…But I really really hope weight loss is a side-effect!! Anyway, good luck to both of us!!

  10. Dear Mr. Wright: I’m sorry if I upset you. For which I apologize. I did think you were a bit unclear. Of course I completely agree with you about the National Socialists being men of the left. And I’m in favor of the LIMITED state, no matter which form it has, monarchy or republic. I’m relatively indifferent about the form of the state. Either can work depending on the history, laws, custom, culture, religion, etc., of a nation. Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

  11. I can see the search benefits of youtubers captioning their content. Ultimately search engines will be able to index all audio and video text automatically. Do you think it will be pertinent to assign different values to the different kinds of content i.e. less value for video/audio/translated content than the old fashioned traditional text. In other words my question is: at some point in the future will there be a need to implement structures that assign values to content and different media types in order to eliminate abuse of automatic translators/speech recognition etc…Regards,Yolanda from

  12. I liked it. It drew me into the situation, what I would have liked to have seen is a little more description. I think he could have fleshed out the character by describing things around him/her. A reader can learn a lot about a character just by p.o.v. description. But then again, this is just the beginning.

  13. I do love your ceiling. All of mine are white…popcorn…yep! I will paint every inch of my home except the ceiling! So, I love the white popcornceiling..lol! Growing up our neighbor had knotty pinewalls and cabinets in her kitchen (popular with 50's houses) with a red paisley wallpapered ceiling. It was so bright and cheerful! I loved it!

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  16. I just don’t understand why they want to see Nate third time, I mean his dunks just weren’t impressive, if more precise – boring. Instead it would be much more exciting if Rudy Fernandez would be in his place because he showed stunning dunks last year, only he was unlucky to dunk them on time and get to next round.

  17. , in education and economic performance, they score between Malays and Chinese. Malay IQ was 91. Chinese was 108. So Singaporean Indians are most likely in the middle between that, and they definitely aren’t as selected as US Indians. What they are though, is predominantly southern Dravidians. This seems to support my earlier hypothesis. I think the southerners have higher IQ average than the northerners.

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  19. I think any time a human funeral is seen, a warning should be given. Why are we afraid of death and the dead? And why should we dress up a dead body, which is filled with chemicals, place it in a satin lined box, with pillows, and set it in the ground, to leak away into the good earth? Waste. Foolishness. Guilt and religion – a heady mix. There is a culture which places the dead body out for animals to scavenge. Then the bones are retrieved and buried. Neat.

  20. Well of course we can’t nuke any American cities — the carbon tax would be RUINOUS! (blinks innocently) Plus, even Detroit has kittehs. Won’t someone think of the kittehs? Now if I was truly evil I would do something so the hipster food supply dries up (you know, the cruelty-free tofu, dolphin-safe coconuts) which is not only more ecologically sensitive, it wouldn’t affect anyone we care about

  21. Cada vez mais estou convencido de que não há alvo mais fácil e preferencial do que o ciclista. Para os desportos de elite a simples desculpa de um beijo ou de produção anormal de testosterona é condição sine qua non para a absolvição, neste, não há prostituta que valha a quem quer que seja. Abatam-nos todos, um a um, ou então ponham-nos a pão e água ( água da torneira e pão caseiro entenda-se). Se cada ciclista tem a obrigação de saber o que come, cada tenista deveria ter a obrigação de saber quem beija.

  22. Well, actually I am a big sucker for Wings of War/Wings of Glory and still have all the publications and planes for Crimson Skies (even the ones that never got printed ). You might be delighted to hear that I am soon translating (And which will get released soon after the translation in all major languages) a game that includes dogfights in the SW universe in a similar way WoW runs the game.But you forgot the mother of all “trench-attacks”: Tora! Tora! Tora!

  23. Well I was hesitant to write about this. However found that typing about things going on in my life helps me come up with a “plan of correction” of for myself. As I was typing about my current struggles I realized I jump around so much with unresolved feelings. Therefor I need to allow myself time to process things before I move on. Its just the way found to work through things.

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  25. We seem to get our fair share of stupid leaders who go against any advice made by any experts or common sense. But back to what we are here for – the figs!I would like to post it on Frother`s Unite – you might get plenty of positive / negative feedback but it generates a lot of attention and some feedback can be really valuable.

  26. I would like to state that I know of two accounts where an IMPD officer working off-duty at Omni Source did in fact start two investigations of scrap theft. I can’t say what the other officers did, but I do know that there are public case files out there (at least two) where one officer was trying to do his job (even working off-duty) to stop scrap theft.

  27. I agree with the idea of left turn arrows. Because traffic on 4th can be be difficult to turn in front of, people often have to “gun it” when they see their chance, making it dangerous for both pedestrians and cars. People tend to relax when they know the will get a turn.

  28. Pero, ¿quién garantiza que si se les pone un ordenador, sepan utilizarlo? Yo más bien creo que deberían ponerles un secretario para que les redactara el acta. O mejor, para decir lo que dicen, mejor no hacen ni el acta; dictar el veredicto y punto.Saludos


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  33. It saddens me that you would never tell a women who had an elective CS that she had made a good choice. I elected for one because I knew there was a problem, I listened to my baby and to my body and I demanded a CS at odds with my Dr’s advice. Surprise, surprise it turned out the baby was malpresented and would not have been born naturally. Choosing a CS is a birth choice which I felt empowered making, I knew what my body and baby were telling me, and I was right.

  34. Rev Right…you gotta be joking. Unions are graft on a huge scale? Do you realize that they got outspent by about a million to one last election cycle? This is your "democracy", where the corporations makes serfs out of everyone? No thanks! Hey speaking of graft, what do you think about the provision that Koch industries gets to buy up all the power plants in Wisconsin. Nice, huh?

  35. Haha, kul kille! Troligen en rätt kul tjej också som tar en sån retsam kommentar *blink*. Det är bara tur att inte min dator blivit dränkt i vin också, lätt hänt, eller hur?Brasilien eller varm semester vart som helst nästan, hade varit underbart! Ha en bra helg!

  36. Cavoli, Larsen, gli asini volano SUL SERIO. Non hai visto Shrek 3?Io voto per il sì. E' accaduto. E non solo perché ci sarebbero state numerose evidenze del contrario, ma anche perché su cose che non modificano sostanzialmente la mia vita quotidiana (a differenza del Berlusconi gate, per esempio) a volte mi piace credere e basta in qualcosa che ha in sé più poesia della versione opposta.

  37. it sarcastically."Actually, Madonna has been dating a Muslim for a while. Madonna knows very well that Obama is a black Muslim – as do all of the devout Muslims in the world who omit to persecute Obama for his taqiyya aka insincere 'conversion' to Black Liberation Theology aka fake Christianity.Egghead

  38. Hej Sanne! Jeg er en pige på 17 år, som er 1.62 cm høj og vejer 75 kg, jeg vil super gerne af med mindst 10 kilo! er så træt af at være overvægtig, vil rigtig godt følge din kur, men hvor kan man købe de linser henne, har ikke rigtig hørt om dem før? og de bønner og linser, hvordan skal de laves?? Tak på forhånd

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  45. Hey Amber! That is interesting. I never thought of American women specifically being more assertive than women of other nationalities. However, I knew that generally Americans overall are more assertive culturally, so it makes sense. I hope things work out with your team! It can be difficult to moderate yourself in those areas.

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  47. i’m american and don’t really care either way, but for the sake of argument i’d like to point out that “in god we trust” and “one nation under god” were not adopted until the mid-50′s in reaction to the “godless commies”. there was alot of opposition then, too.

  48. I’m all for your candyswap! I can’t wait!I think a lot of fast food places are excepting credit cards now, but I don’t know about Jack in the Box. We don’t have those here. I know what you mean though about having a yummy, good-for-you, light meal and then craving something horrible and greasy afterwards. At that point I usually get out the cookie dough and just have cookie dough for desert.

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  59. Es igual lo que hagan, Rafa: más que nos han comido el coco a nosotros nadie podrá comerlo; más silencio sobre la verdad, imposible. Y, mira…siempre, entre el profesorado, hay alguien que nos enseña a pensar en libertad; siempre, en cada familia, hay un loco que da alas para vivir. Y, entre lo uno y lo otro, han salido personas como tu y como yo.

  60. Bo is/was the absolutely the worst Potus in my lifetime and I’m 60. How/why is all this happening…..to enable the NWO….Bill C. was not supposed to get elected and sure wasn’t suppose to get 2 terms, they did everything they could to take advantage of his weaknesses….since GWB there has been a direct line of crap leading to get to the NWO!I hope Hillary finds out soon and blows the cover of the NWO people!

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