Milli Sporcumuz Sefa Telli ile Röportajımız


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  1. Love love love. How can N always look so stylish and adorable? And I cannot WAIT to hear how you ended up seeing some pro-wrestling- ha! Glad you’re feeling tapped into your inspiration hub again, and am so excited to see what this new season brings your way. 🙂 Cheers to exciting cities, great friends and to you!

  2. This is why I chose the template that I have for my blog. I had another that was fine, but I like the current one even more. Especially because I feature a lot of photos. I want the viewer to look at my photography and not all the “extra” stuff. I don’t even want all that sidebar junk. I’ve tried to make it so you can find everything you need by going to the main menu tabs at the top–which are also not so big and in your face. However, if I had a different type of blog, I might set it up with more things in a sidebar. Right now, I am happy with it the way it is.

  3. bonjour et un grand merci à Estelle pour ce travail si accompli d'explications et photos !!tout est vraiment fort intéressant et les photos nous permettent à la fois d'admirer sa maîtrise et son talent !!merci de tout le mal donné pour nous faire un article aussi clair et précis que possible!!Bonne continuation et bravoMC

  4. Hello Barb, I agree with you. I am so fed up with the Judges getting the last word. I feel we should be able to vote on “Important State and National ” matters. Afterall, we are the we are the ones who have to live with the vote. If we vote wrong we will pay for it. Another thing that bothers me is the way these Amendments are worded. Just say in “Laymen” terms. Not everyone is a judge or Government Official. Let us understand what we are reading. I think they word the Amendments, so we cannot understand them. Most people will not admit they don’t understand. It’s time to set pride aside and ask them to change the wording.

  5. I would definitely upgrade your ram to the max. It’s not difficult doing this yourself or for that matter updating the hard drive. But since Apple has that covered no worries there. It would be interesting if you could put an SSD in your iMac as the primary drive and then attach a fast external drive for your data.

  6. Vivir a mil, ocupada, sin tiempo no es pecado.Como siempre te digo, tu pecado es querer estar en la misa y en la procesión, cosa que no se puede. Por vivir a mil, probablemente te pasen cosas por el costado que te las pierdas, cosas que pasen y vos no las hayas visto por tu velocidad.Quizas sea una ilusión eso de «vivir a mil», el tiempo es uno solo y todos tenemos las mismas 24hs para «hacer cosas»

  7. Never thought about using a calendar. For me, that would come in handy if I had a lot of posts scheduled but I just try and keep up each day. There are only a few that I schedule each week so I’ve got all of that in my head as to when I will post. However, I like that there is a plugin for this.

  8. desde lod 16 años sufro con los terribles dolores mestruales, y ahora q tengo 25 anhelo quedar embarazada y no puedo, ya hice varios intentos y nada, quisiera que me ayuden, actualmente se sabe de la inseminacion y fecundacion in vitrio, pero son muy carisimas y quisiera que me aconsejen con un tratamiento que este en mis posibilidades y poder cumplir mi sueño….estare muy agradecida por su apoyo!!!!!

  9. Magdalenas rÃ¥d är rätt. Det enda vettiga är att fortsätta hälsa. Precis som pÃ¥ alla andra, varken mer eller mindre. Om FS slutar hälsa kommer det sÃ¥ smÃ¥ningom att vändas emot FS att han/hon inte hälsar och är allmänt oartig. Att det var ”lufsen” som började kommer ingen att bry sig om. Det handlar om mobbning, om att fÃ¥ FS att känna sig osäker och bete sig knasigt. GÃ¥ inte i den fällan.

  10. Non, mais avec un minimum de psychologie et de capacité d’observation, il y a moyen de voir un peu de quoi il retourne…Mais effectivement, ce qu’il raconte ça peut être n’importe quoi. D’ailleurs, quelqu’un qui en met trop côté confiance en soi, certitude de ses compétences, etc (là je parle de beurrer vraiment épais), vaut mieux se méfier tout de suite!

  11. But far beyond that it will require deporting Imams who preach anything but good citizenship, shuttering mosques and madrassas and halting and even reversing Islamic immigration.The last will do the trick. To get there we have to get to total war with the Islamic world. Only then will our society see all Muslims as the enemy.

  12. Hee lieve Marije!Ben net thuis vanaf puh. Was gezellig bij jullie thuis. Er was wel een leeg plekje naast me op de bank (onee ik zat op de stoel). Haha! Lekker meegegeten, koffie mee gedaan en daarna lekker naar huis gegaan. Nu even me broodje smeren voor morgen. En nog even wachten op jullie dag verslag. Daarna lekker slapen! Dikkeknuff!

  13. it was such and such a price. The banks are the ones who contacted the appraisers. The typical person really doesn’t know the value of properties, and obviously the appraisers didn’t either. If everyone who owns an under water mortgage right now walks. There are no banks as we currently have. I have been in my house for 10 years, and am probably around break even, even though I have done a lot of work. If I were severely under water, I would be tempted to walk. I have already canceled all my credit cards.

  14. Thanks everyone and (not so)silentbacchus. I knew exactly which image you referred to when I read your comment in my email. I think there is probably something in there for modern commercial exploitation for a kids pop-up and colour-in kind of book. It would certainly be a lot easier getting accurate outlines with google street view and vectorising software for instance. So you could do local city projects. If only my stray thoughts had any getupandgo energy behind them!

  15. 各位, 走到就走啦…我而家仲係美國讀書都唔知今年暑假好唔好返來我申請緊暑假去紐約一間大學做實習……至少呢個暑假有D 野做, 希望搞得掂香港發生咩事 ? 我知, 不過我真係冇眼睇, 因為我D 同學全部係美國人你覺得我應該同我D 美國同學講 "Hong Kong Government spends $8 billions US to build a damn railway" å—ŽDiamond Chan, 你話呢 ?

  16. As I placed my order inside Bigby this afternoon someone in the drive through was paying it backwards. I told the cashier I heard about it on the radio but had never seen it take place. I went on to tell the cashier the “awesome” story I heard of the lady who was about to cancel her pie order but it was covered when she got to the window. As we were talking the customer at the window who had their order paid for decided to pay for my $2 coffee inside and give the remaining $4 of what his coffee may have cost to the tip jar. It made many people’s afternoon! Thank you for starting a positive contagion!

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  19. – JESSE!!! Jason and I watched this video while we were on vacation in Hawaii last week..we sat in front of the computer screen at our dark complete awe and wonder of how you boys do it!! We have been raving about your mad skills since the day we met you..and especially since recently working with you again at Danielles wedding..This video was just as magical as you described it.. and so much more…Its official.Youre the BEST there is. So proud to know you!

  20. I’m in the middle of the CBD, quay end, and I know exactly what arleeshar is saying. The mood is pretty pissed off, and nobody is buying this ‘leader of the free world’ shit that I’ve heard so many times on the ABC, as if we’re supposed to be proud to have a war criminal in our midst.There are so many police around, maybe it would be a good time to rob a bank somewhere out in the suburbs if you were so inclined.

  21. Your ‘Outtatown’ group visited our church in Pinawa, MB yesterday – I was overjoyed to have you all, very impressed by your interest in our service and our community and I enjoyed hearing your plans for the next year. Too bad we cannot meet in Africa.You took a photo – could you please send me a copy at the above e-mail address.Stay GOD STRONG – I would love to hear your continuing stories – Pastor Jack

  22. un metodo ancora più ecologico c’è ma l’oggetto in questione deve poter essere immerso in acqua! è uno degi esperimenti dei vari libretti del piccolo chimico ma che funziona egregiamente specie con portatofaglioli, posate anelli…bisogna usare un recipiente di alluminio o al limite foderare una terrina con l’alluminio. scaldare dell’acqua quasi a bollore e aggiungere il sale da cucina, dipenda da quanta acqua, di solito un bel cucchiaio da cucina basta e avanza. Si immerge l’oggetto e ce lo si dimentica per una notte (o anche un paio d’ore), lo si ritroverà splendido!!!

  23. anno636if they have targeted this thing with a nuke then it was on a collision course all along, would also prove these arsehole governments have been bullshiting to us about elenin since the begining and not surprizing since hardly to no media attention on it since it was found last yrJanuary 20, 2012, 4:41 pm

  24. “Who even speaks for average Jews anyway? I have no idea where to look for that.”Why, the “Jewish Community” of course. If you Google it, you can go to and you will find completely objective, disinterested and brutally fair answers to all your questions. Wait a minute, pal, are you laughing and saying “why should I believe them, since they are so obviously subjective, very interested, and obviously unfair” Well, there’s an ugly name for asking that kind question!

  25. As much as I enjoy the might-have-beens of science fiction writers, I cannot give them the distinction you do, John. The Prophets warned the Israelites of what will come to pass if they didn’t shape up. So the Old Testaments has some might-have-beens in it. But that gets us into matters moving away from the message of your post. Thanks for responding to my curiosity.

  26. Ich finde im Schop ja die Hotelschlüsserlanghänger richtig gut. 🙂 Kann mich nur nich entscheiden welcher es sein soll. Irgendwie gefallen mir alle Sprüche. 😉 Und das Set erst so schön. Deine Bilder. Es würde perfekt in meine Wohnung passen. Die ist nämlich so rot-orange-gelb. Ich liebe die Farben und von den Lichttüten bin ich eh fasziniert seit ner Hochzeit. Da gabs nämlich auch welche und seit her suche ich so was.

  27. June 3, 2011 I hope he declaired the value to the police, If over 300 three hundred dollars. Authorites can make up this amount in any number of ways. If something is stolen they may ask the victim to report how much it was worth or what they paid for it. One man was charged for supposedly taken a timex watch that would not work they valued the item at 2,000.00 dollars.

  28. Sollte man Herrn Polenz, MdB, Vorsitzender des auswärtigen Aussschusses dazu noch einmal offiziell befragen?Wie kann es denn sein, dass sich auf der einen Seite die gesamte Meute auf den armen Bushido stürzt und auf der anderen Seite gleichzeitig Abbas hofiert, der exakt gleiche Karten vor sich herträgt und via Schulbüchern in die Köpfe der nachwachsende Generation impft?

  29. La droite perd son temps avec le mariage homosexuel. Je crois que la grande majorité des français de droite nous fichons éperdument du sexe des futurs conjoints. Le mariage n’est au final du point de vue civil qu’un contrat du point qui ne fait que réguler et reconnaitre l’union de 2 personnes consentantes.Non, le vrai combat que la droite ne doit pas perdre est celui à mener contre la possibilité d’adoption pour les homosexuels.

  30. It was something of great pleasure discovering your site a short while ago. I came up here just now hoping to uncover something new. I was not dissatisfied. Your ideas on new approaches on this subject were useful and a terrific help to my family. Thank you for leaving out time to create these things as well as for sharing your mind.

  31. SenderosDecember 19, 2012 at 1:53 amHe is the right striker for us. With a classic striker type like him, the rest of the squad are pushed to work better as a team instead of just make a thru pass & hope for the striker to run as hell. Not just that he’s the right striker for us, in some of our games this season I think our team is the one who doesn’t deserve him. His work rate is amazing, strong all around, of course he’a not as skillful as RVP, but that goes to other 99% of strikers that are playing today everywhere as well.

  32. Of the current contenders, he has the second best Numbers USA score, after Bachman, and Bachman is WAY too Zionist.Of course being white, an ardent Zionist, and not an ethnopatriot is disgusting. But in terms of realpolitik, what's the down side here? Serious question, I'm honestly curious. Okay, there's "foreign" (west/central Asian) wars, but that whole thing has lost a lot of steam. What else?Svigor

  33. dit :NAAAAN ??!! Ne me dis pas que tu avais emmené une paire de talons de 15 uniquement pour poser 5 minutes dans la neige ?!! Tu pousses le blog mode un peu loin Maurice 😉 J’adore ces paysages lunaires, désertiques, et cette lumière… Super la dernière photo avec cette fumée surnaturelle qui sort du sol ( est-ce que c’est là dedans qu’Eva Joly est apparue ?)

  34. I agree that the … I agree that the psychological response is different, I must disagree and say that the chemistry is different as well, as the neurotransmiters will be absorbed differently based on the psychological state of the individual. the latter situation is based off a state of sympathetic arousal, while the latter is under a state of no arousal, so comparing the two becomes difficult. HOWEVER, I would like to mention, that human willpower IS powerful, as it can manually affect these changes in the brain.

  35. I was hoping you'd like this music too, Vinny, because it has a traditional flair! =) Lucho even includes a huayno flair in some of his tunes! =) I continually look up to your lifestyle, Vinny, and hope that I can eventually not worry about money at all! =) Hugs!

  36. J’habite à Lille, et pourtant, bien que je connaisse l’enseigne, je n’y ai jamais passé suffisamment de temps, mais cela fait un bon moment que je pense y retourner et j’espère un jour pouvoir assister à la cérémonie du thé japonaise, la seule de Lille… La cérémonie chinoise se fait également dans un très bon restaurant chinois : le Confucius, dans la rue de GAND … Bref, ça donne envie tout ça !!!

  37. slt, je ne connais pas charlotte, on ne s’est jamais vu mais je trouve ça pathétique de dire qu’elle et fade, transparente, et moche . Personnelement, j aimerais bien voir à quoi vous ressembler pour vous permettre de dire des choses aussi méchantes et fausses. En attendant vous aurrez bo dire n’importe quoi , mais c’est n est pas vous qui avez décrocher une pub chanel!

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  39. Hope you have an amazing time – I can't wait to hear about it & hopefully see some pics of course!I have to admit, your holiday jewellery makes me go slightly weak at the knees..!Thanks for the comment :)I'll still enter you for the giveaway – & if you win, I'll just hang on till you're back – not a problem at

  40. Interesting stats. Two choices of ISPs in my community – mine is faster, but slower on average for the past month and only half the potential speed the ISP offers – for a lot more money.Question: Why do some videos I view, sometimes, continue to show the looping circle in the center of the video, even though the red build bar is full, complete at the bottom of the video?Question: Why do some videos stop streaming until I move the current time location circle passed the stall point, then resume streaming?

  41. Hi, from what I thought that only folding knifes are not allowed in Australia, since that there are knife makers there that make fixed blades. Can you get a permit first from the local police? Customs also stopped me when I went through the airport, I had a Ka bar machete in my bag, they asked me whats its for, I told them the truth, that I’m a hiker. Just trying to help. LHR is a nice knife. Planing to buy one myself.

  42. Thanks for stopping by Alan. There’s a huge part of us that thinks the Yankees should re-organize the entire team from top to bottom. The Bombers are just swinging and missing on some of these sluggers they bring to town. For example, look at the Austin Jackson/Curtis Granderson deal, we’re sure the Yankees would’ve loved to take that one back. How about Nick Swisher or even the signing of A-Rod? Although the organization has the most money, it’s way more than just buying hitters to get to the World Series.

  43. MichaelI think you are absolutely right about the ecosystem metaphor and its emphasis on balance, diversity and dynamism. How about we get a DEMOS/New America Foundation working group, discussion, panel, provocation happening on this – we can hit both coasts, NY and DC? And find some allies in the center of the country and begin to engage in a real discussion about what we need, want and can make happen….Lucy

  44. A vida está carregada de surpresas. Umas boas, outra não. Tu foste uma das melhores que tive ou podia ter nesta fase, tão especial e tão fugaz, da reforma. De Homem bom e de Homem grande…Quero dar-te um grande abraço de parabéns e desejar-te o melhor por muitos anos…

  45. There’s something about social media that is bringing out the best in people. Perhaps it’s something as simple as the fact that it is truly social – everyone is involved. Or perhaps it’s something deeper.Either way, there is a definite groundswell of hope and aspiration happening every single day on the likes of Twitter. It’s a good time to be a human being.Danny Browns last blog post..The Twitter Rulebook

  46. Ana Cristina, no dia em que publicar uma fotografia sua no seu blogue, aí, não teremos dúvidas quanto ao que a move contra a beleza de certas pessoas!!!! Publique-a a cores. Por favor, minha querida. Mas não a retoque (mesmo que o fizesse…..), publique das de circunstância em que tudo se tornará mais… colorido!Você ama o Peixoto, só pode!!!! Mas, creio, não é retribuída, pois não?

  47. 8 de janeiro de 2013Sorteio? Olha bem para a cara da maioria dos vereadores de Cornélio Procópio… um pior que o outro…! Políticos corruptos! Tenho pena do povo daqui que sofre e vê todo ano essa podridão que tomou conta da política procopense…

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  49. i really don’t think they’re linked. i’ve kinda heard some things about patterns in facial features too, but i don’t think that’s linked either. i’m completely the opposite of what i’ve heard about the facial features, and 6′ and 135 lbs at the moment while actually Trying to maintain my weight above underweight. i just think your build is nearly entirely up to genetics.

  50. Es triste yo también sufro de mal de amores, casi por 15 años esperé y nos volvimos a encontrar los dos casados, los dos lejos, juró k yo era el amor de su vida, k se moria por verme y hace ya 15 dias k no sé nada de el…viví engañada por tanto tiempo…triste historia,

  51. michele fumagallo scrive:Caro Luigi,“Basilicata coast to coast” l’ho visto qualche giorno fa.E’ una ballata sulla terra d’origine di Rocco Papaleo. Non male, perchè sfugge sia al cliché turistico che ai discorsi sulla terra d’origine, francamente noiosi.Qui c’è invece un approccio ai luoghi apparentemente banale, in realtà ironico e in fondo accattivante.Un’operina che non sfigura di fronte a tanto cinema pretenzioso italiano, anzi può persino dargli una lezione.p.s.: a un’altra volta il discorso sulla domenica delle palme.Un abbraccioMichele Fumagallo

  52. Nadeem Alshirbaty, one of the arrested Freedom Riders from Hebron, is 33 years old and one of the founders of Youth Against Settlements group. He visited Jerusalem 14 years agoJerusalem is 19 miles from Hebron. For West Bank Palestinians it might as well be 19000 miles away.

  53. Sin duda, este es uno de los mejores blogs que he visitado ultimamente, me he quedado fascinado por tanta informacion, ha debido de ser un trabajo duro, escribir todas estas entradas. Me has dado una fuerte inspiracion para hablar sobre ti en mi propio blog. Una vez mas, felicidades por el buen trabajo que has echo.

  54. – I think it probably is XUL but I can’t say for sure. It bogs down sometimes when scrolling pages and seems to hit the CPU a lot more than I think it should. I haven’t seen that in Micro B. I use the backspace key on the keyboard to go back but I can see what you mean about the on-screen button.

  55. I am thankful for all the wonderful people in my life. I am thankful for my mom and papa for giving me life and to my 3 older siblings for always being there when I need them. My birthday is right around the corner and I am thankful that I will also be able to spend time enjoying their company. Also I am thankful to my sister for allowing me to become a first-time aunt in the new year! But I am also thankful to DAVIDs for bringing back Pumpkin Chai, autumn isn’t complete without a nice cup of Pumpkin Chai!

  56. I feel the exact same way! I figure there’s some other bug that will show up to munch on whatever’s bugging me! (I’ve only found two things that hasn’t been true for, and I’m in a state of quandary about what to do!) That moth is beautiful. I wonder if your little white spider realizes how lucky he was!

  57. Hei.Så fine og røde gummistøvler. De må være fine å ha på kamp. Hehe.Vi har en nevø som akkurat har blitt 3 år og de er herlige. Prater som en foss og sier de utroligste ting. Det er som du sier at en kan prate ordentlig sammen. Rart at de plutselig blir store og "vanlige" mennesker.Stor klem fra Mona C

  58. Entinen opiskelukaveri oli pariin otteeseen jo tehnyt niin etta antoi hiusten kasvaa todella pitkiksi, ja sitten kavi leikkauttamassa ne ihan lyhyiksi, lahjoittaen hiukset muistaakseni johon peruukkiprojektiin syopapotilaille.Mutta saahan sukusoluista ja verestakin rahaa joissain maissa, ja se vasta irvokkaalta tuntuukin.

  59. I totally agree and yes, I’m ready for a change. I would love to hear more about those alternatives and about associations, groups or other ways to get involved. I think that this is today (well, and always has been) one of the main problem as everybody feels isolated in their own little world.Great article!Laura

  60. Le dicen “el tontito” a este muchacho “pedaleiro”. El rescate del ocio en el pleno sentido griego de la palabra. Abandonar el yugo laboral y dedicarlo a la reflexión y el estudio de lo que uno desee, en el caso de Dhyan & pareja, tener la posibilidad de viajar sin apuros y poder conocer la cultura del lugar por el que pasan…como dije, le dicen “el tontito”.PD: Srta.SHUMI, si quiere disfrazarse de ADELE para fin de año, comience a darle a la parrillada completa porque la veo un poco flacucha para el “physique du role” de la voluptuosa inglesa. Gane kilos sin asco y disfrute!

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  62. I haven’t had time to read Nocturnal Origins yet, because I’ve been neck deep in my own writing, to meet a story submission deadline. Thanks again for the contest so I could win a copy of the E-version. As soon as I get the chance I will read it and certainly post a review on Amazon, and anywhere else I can promote your book, I will. Thanks for the snippet of Nocturnal Serenade, I hope Origins is a success and you are able to follow up with the sequel, and keep the series going. Larry

  63. foodbin: i am guilty of scattering burnt cashew nuts on my mil’s dish of celery..nice sabotage effort huh..she didn’t want the nuts on but i threw them on anyway..nee:healthy food can be tasty, but in my experience, not very filling.pp: i haven’t tried tt yet. recipe??ganache: ok, will do smthing about it. my 2 boys r like cj, eat raw celery sticks too.yes, bad mommy, better make some celery fry soon.

  64. Lo sapete che l’imposizione fiscale è calcolata tenendo conto dell’evasione?In questo modo il governo:1- Mi colpevolizza di evasione a prescindere dal reato.2- Fa pagare agli onesti i costi dei disonesti.Per essere nel GIUSTO io dovrei pagare quello che mi chiede lo stato ma evadendo la percentuale (mi sembra il 20%) di cui il governo mi ha incolpato di evasione prima del reato.Ergo io nel possibile evado un po’, quello che è giusto secondo i numeri.CRISALIDE.

  65. O gata, desculpe se vc me entendeu mal! É porque tem uma grande diferença entre usar roupa curta na balada e durante o dia enquanto cuido da Lara. Eu preciso durante o dia usar roupas mais confortáveis, que me deixem livre pra rolar no chão se preciso! Porque mãe é assim, brinca de pega pega, esconde esconde, então nao da pra arrasar no míni comprimento e no salão! Por isso escolhi o short de spikes , que me deixa confortável e arrumadinha beijos

  66. [..YouTube..] it! I hear ya on not following a diet bro I lost over a 100 lbs without a diet by making lifestyle changes. I just recently started counting calories and honestly have struggled this month but think I have figured it out praise God. Brother that scale rocks! Great weigh in

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  68. he will find out the prices, so it is a maybe.I hope the dance goes well for you and your new friends in the festival. I hope we can call eachother more ofton, I really wasnt expecting it when you called me last week but all the samee it was amazing chating with u.Hope u have a great christmas, Iv just been planning my christmas list. Hopefully im getting a new camera and some horse riding boots and a Harry Hall hat, I cant wait!Hope u are having a graet time away, we are missing u lots.Lots of love Isla.xx

  69. For instance, it improves the body’s use of insulin and also helps to burn extraneous blubber. Insulin excites the muscles and liver to take in the additional glucose which ends up in the lowering of the blood sugar level. This is thanks to the fact that the body recognizes intense exercise and stress and will release the strain hormones which tell the body to extend blood sugar so as to fuel the muscles. For a diabetic, this may cause the necessity to have some insulin after a powerful workout.

  70. Dec27Keldra I made this recipe tonight with very few substitutions (i couldn’t find the molasses so made a reduction of pomegranate juice and i used different vegetables but i have to say this was incredible. I am happy there are leftovers, i cant wait to eat the rest tomorrow for lunch.

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