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  1. As I'm sure you know, most people don't want freedom, they want the opportunity to exert their will over others. Your example last week of the gay marriage debate is a case in point. Everyone giving their opionion on something that's nothing to do with them.

  2. Jorge, no te gusta la competencia. Para tu conocimiento en El Mercurio, La Tercera, La Segunda, nadie critica a los zurdos que opinan, porque son sectores que realmente conocen lo que es democracia, en las buenas y en las malas .¿Será que solo saben ofender, pero no defender? Con las palabras “pacos de mierda”, no estás aportando NADA, solo ofendiendo. En todo caso es lo normal como actua tu sector.

  3. Although this action can't be justified it certanly will be. Gross overreaction is the norm today. Look at the situation. One man armed no shots fired. Multiple officer response, helicopter, Poor comunication, poor proceedure (multiples shouting comands when only one should be) no leader= mob.

  4. Yea…dude…I’ve been a fan of sonic since the first game. I don’t enjoy watching my fav series get destroyed, which was what I did for years after SA2, while my friends poked at me that Sonic was complete crap now. And he’s finally coming back. I just can’t bring myself to accept all the “eh” Sonic games after SA2.

  5. A ce que je sache, on tire sur la gâchette avant d’appuyer sur la détente. Le fait de tirer sur la gâchette ne veut pas dire qu’une balle va sortir du pistolet …D’un autre coté, gâchette, détente ou gachète … je pense que tout le monde aura compris le message sur le fond, et ça c’est définitivement le plus important

  6. É isso aí meu camarada. Perseverança é a palavra da vez. É só insistir. Eu já estou vendo meus centavinhos no Adsense se tornarem reais, no Buscapé e no Hotwords também. Continue que você é bom pra caramba no que faz, só que dá trabalho mesmo obter reconhecimento na área de tecnologia. Forte abraço, sucesso e que Deus abençoe o seu trabalho.

  7. intimplarea face sa fi cumparat recent pt o amica, care si-a deschis un bistro, 3 afise cu fotografii ale lui doisneau din seria saruturilor … le-a inramat si pus pe pereti, arata senzational, parca sint vii.si cautind diverse despre el, am ajuns din nou pe site-ul tau.

  8. I think adding the biotin will be a big help. I actually take 10mg a day. 5mg, Once in the morning once at night. You are already drinking tons of water so that’s a mother benefit too. For my hair growth I wash slightly less and manipulate it less. So less styling as well to allow the hair to grow like crazy. I also take a host of other vitamins and take nioxin a hair supplement from Ulta. Best of luck I enjoy seeing your progress.

  9. Überflüssig in dem Sinne, weil sich meines Erachtens alles nur im Kreis dreht, in diesem Artikel! Zumindest viel. Natürlich kann man für seine Überzuegung nicht genug einsthehen, und der Artikel ist ja auch wirklich gelungen, doch WENIG was ich nicht schon kannte!-

  10. You Obviously don’t know anything about Gen Y’s generation. You must be a Boomer. We saw what it did to your generation and we are out to fix it. We are going to be true to ourselves and NOT waste the companies money or our time. Don’t confuse brilliance with your twisted undocumented facts. Jamie is brilliant!!!! She gives alot of people inspiration and hope. Check her out and get the real story and facts. Huge Fan!!!

  11. Ton poulet aux trois tasses me paraît excellent rien qu'à regarder la photo ! Et moi, je suis entrée dans l'année du dragon avec un shop suey de crevette chez mon ami vietnamien au "Palais d'Asie" et il nous a offert tout un assortiment de fruits exotiques confits (gingembre, graines de lotus, liserons d'eau, vermicelles de noix de coco…Qu'on présente ce jour-là!Bonne année de la chance !

  12. We are on the other end of the wetness spectrum: can't get a drop of rain! We're into our third year of drought including massive forest fires.At any rate, excellent reporting on the terrible situation for the Sandy disaster survivors. My heart sank when I saw the first photos the day after the storm passed.BTW, lean left! Is there any other way to lean? This is your blog and you can lean any ol' way you wish.

  13. Waouh, ça avait l’air classe cette soirée! Quel dommage que tout ne se passe toujours qu’à Paris… ça devient un peu frustrant mais bon, heureusement, y’a les compte rendus de miss Babillages pour nous tenir au courant!Merci à toi!

  14. The clip on YouTube has pop-up and display ads for ringtones, but I guess they don’t carry over to the embeddable version. Interesting.I’ve considered writing about songs without including them (in fact, I initially thought I’d do that every day). But I think the overwhelming response would be, “OK fine, so what does it sound like?!” I know that’s what I’d think.I’ll work with what I have until they crack down further.

  15. After I initially commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment. There has to be a way you are able to remove me from that service? Kudos!

  16. A ver, intentando ponernos de su lado, y creernos lo que cuenta en la entrevista (aunque cueste trabajo hacerlo), si lo que quiere es reahcer su vida, ¿cómo se le ocurre ir a un reality, si sabe que le van a reconocer los vecinos del pueblo?. O qué pretede, que no digan nada?.Está claro que el sólo se lo ha buscado, se ve que es un psicópata. Y la chica, necesita ayuda. El amor es ciego, y ella lo está, al no ser capaz de ver al psicópata que tiene al lado.

  17. استمتعت كثيرا بما قرأت خاصة انني كنت ابحث عن هذه التفاصيل عن انضمام الحجاز للحكم السعودي …ارغب بمعرفة المزيد عن تاريخ الحجاز المعاصر ..لا تبخل علينا ….خاصة ببعض المراجع … واستغلها فرصة لسؤالك عن تاريخ مهنة الطوافة في الحجاز …ارجو ان تفيدني في هذا وجزاك الله كل خير

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  19. in ogni caso, dato che l’assicurazione paga solo le lesioni oltre ( mi sembra ) il 33% di invalidità e niente in caso di morte, non crede, caro Lubrano che si tratti di una truffetta? Sarei curioso di sapere quanti risarcimenti ci sono stati finora; nessuno ha mai pubblicato la cifra.Cordialità.

  20. Hi Ken, yes, I am beginning to realise that there’s a whole world of widgets out there. I had a play today to try to get something that looks like Sue’s “What I write about” here. The trouble is, because I have very limited skills at html, I really struggle unless something goes right. I really need someone to talk me through things when trying to incorporate a widget that isn’t a Blogger standard issue one.

  21. Hey Jerry, thanks for the comment. I totally agree. Instead of looking to politics as the ultimate answer (point #4), if the church lived like the church and met the needs of the people, many of our social ills would fall by the wayside. Thanks for the comment!

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  24. max dubinsky (i’ve never met the guy, i follow him on twitter have his blog’s rss feed on my igoogle page) retweeted you. do you have an rss feed thing for your blog?love this, especially:My heart’s been broken, made whole, broken again, changed in its shape and made whole again. It’s changed colors and Loves and Hates.I’m not the man I thought I’d be, and perhaps I’m not the man I wanted to be in a fast enough time, but I’m a man on a road.thank you.

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  26. What state were you in that has socialized medicien with no options?You should really learn to spell. It might help you stay employedI was not in the United States, you idiot. I was in one of those Utopias you have rattling around in that empty head of yours. I can't even bother to skim the rest of your idiocy. The only thing you've accomplished here is to show how stupid people can be.

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  29. Hi Wayne – Thanks for your comments. I must admit to being very jealous of your upcoming trip. MBC is spectacular.I was there in October. On most days getting lunch was not easy because the teashops are mostly located at the beginning and end of each day’s walk. Because of this I carried plenty of snacks with me. My normal routine was then to have a big breakfast, a few of my snacks at lunch and then on arrival at each evening’s teashop (which was normally early afternoon) I would order some noodles.When exactly are you going? A number of the teashops close by December I think.

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  36. Gee, Jenn, it never even occurred to me to mention this. (Though what would that have accomplished, you could be pissed ahead of time, or on the day!) Darrell discovered this when he flew to Denmark, and was lucky enough, because he’d paid for his flight before they changed the rule, that he was still able to take two bags! And he flew Continental, so it’s everywhere…. v

  37. Happy anniversary, Pam! My mother is writing her autobiography now. Actually, she's taking an autobiography-writing class so she can jot down the story of how a small town girl fell in love at first sight with a glamorous Air Force vet. (You should hear her talk about his blue eyes!) And how they worked in the theater, traveled all over the world, had three children – and much fun together.As you say, there's a story inside all of us, even if we don't realize it.

  38. arrogant SOBreflects the whole head in sand attitude of the old guard running, i mean, ruining the GOP. Another reason why they will likely lose the election, because they clueless about the constitution and they think they will win. They don't get obama, they dont' get the tea party, they don't get that millions of people are teed off about this fraud. They are complicit in the cover up.They need to lose their jobs, if they think obama is not safe, then neither are their positions.

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  45. Lisa, I wish I could have joined you gals! From the looks on each of your faces, I've no doubt you had the best time. I see faces of gals I hope to meet one day in person too. However, I'm so glad I already met you!!! And I know it won't be the last time either.I loved seeing Beth, Tiffany and Marsha's photos too. Btw, did Marsha give you a hug from me? I asked her to do so. :)Love you and look forward to hearing more about this special weekend.Debbie

  46. Excellent review Molly. I love the way you review a book you’re not crazy about. This is a book I’ve avoided reading and I doubt I’ll change my mind. It wasn’t the explicit sex that bothered me. I thought the story sounded too depressing and I didn’t want to spend my time being depressed. So many people praised the writing of the book but for me it’s more about the characters and the story.

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  53. Frank Mckenna would be a good choice to lead a Liberal/NDP coalition. However, I do think that Harper has done a fairly good job as well. I would really have to think hard on who to vote for between those two. (What a wonderful problem – which of two capable leaders to vote for?) I can’t remember the last time that I actually had to choose between two leaders that I liked. Oh wait, yes I do – Broadbent and Clark.

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  56. Thank you, Ron. Oliver wrote to me the other day, thank­ing me for this piece and reas­sur­ing me that he, too, has ‘talked over’ inter­vie­wees and he’s had some VIPs 🙂 I appre­ci­ate your kind words and encour­age­ment. Fail­ure, indeed, is not an option. It’s NECESSARY!

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