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  4. whats up? I have a question for all of you.. im live in portugal and im about to buy my firt bike klr 250 1991 she has 25.000 kilometres for 700 euros.. is it a good bike? what kind of problems shuold i espect? sorry for my english

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  6. As vrea sa existe si in Bucuresti un asemenea restaurant…ieftin si cu mancare atat de diversa si aspectuoasa. Imi place ce ai ales tu acolo. :DDupa cum stii ador fructele de mare, iar mai nou am facut o mica pasiune pentru mancarea chinezeasca. 😛

  7. Who would pay for the fire department if everyone only paid for the service up when their property was on fire?Don’t tell me the government, because in this scenario you only pay when you use the service.Those folks made a bad choice by not paying up front, so I guess the county should force all homeowners to pay the fee, the local government can auction the house off for taxes if they refuse to pay.

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  10. ne parle pas de nécessairement coucher ensemble le 1er soir ( quoique j’ai des amis qu’ils l’ont fait et ça fait 20 ans qu’ils sont ensemble avec 2 belles grandes filles….) mais, d’y aller asvec une certaine progression pour avoir l’heure juste et ne pas tomber ds la fameuse case ou « perdre » son temps !Je sais pas moi: 1st date= 1st base, 2nd date= 2nd base….. lolll Ça va au feeling !!!

  11. К туристам большая человеческая просьба: что видим в море — смотреть смотрим, а трогать не надо! Особенно черепах. Они медлительные, но зубы у них что надо…;)

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  13. i think we have all had those moments where you feel you have everything under control and the wham you realize that something has come up and you get that pit in your stomach that you have to do something fast. glad to hear you came out of the situation without the fees you were worried about.

  14. The continuing education course described in this post was not only offered to physicians. The course was offered to nurses, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, certified case managers, and physician assistants as well. My hope is that the professional accreditation bodies involved will notify their respective professionals who completed the course that the course content was biased.

  15. is not the “word” according to Dan Cathy. It is from God!! As you know Doug, I’m a Christian, and when you are in the wrong, (Like Harry Davis) I will tell you if you are wrong, but I will still love you. Dan Cathy has the love of Christ, and alot of people think you are hateful and bigoted when you are just quoting the “Word of God” by telling them the truth.Jeff

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  17. Hallo Volker, Sehr interessanter artikel! Begeisterung ist ansteckend. Wenn jemand vollauf begeistert ist von etwas dann kommt das auch voll raus und macht somit (was immer ES auch ist) fuer den anderen begehrenswert. Man sagt hier bei uns …”People come from miles away to see someone on fire.” (Leute fahren meilenweit um jemanden brennen zu sehen.)Weiterhin viel Erfolg!Ilka

  18. Tyler- very nice post. It is nice to hear that Parker is human, well at least as far as blind tastings go! Just further proof that reviewing and tasting wines is subjective and outcomes can change with the direction of the wind. The time of Parker is nearing the end as the rest of the wine world finds it wine tasting self confidence!

  19. Tabitha, I read “A Mother’s Rule of Life” several years ago, and liked where it was getting at. I was actually thinking while writing this that it might be time to reread it. I think I’m much more ready to apply some of her suggestions than I was back then. I also recently found out that St. Benedict’s rule was actually originally intended for laypeople, so I’m thinking I’d like to just read it and see what sort of advice he gave through it

  20. Sounds like you’ve made sopme great resolutions, Karen. And I approve of you betting on yourself. I think you’re a sure thing. I’ve made a few New Year resolutions for 2011 but I can’t decide whether to superstitiously keep them to myself (does that old “don’t tell or it won’t come true” thing apply to resolutions as well as wishes?)or let the world know in the hopes telling people will help me tow the line.

  21. i love the quote! i’m augustinian so i know it very well! so true diba?you’re right wits, the philippines is a very beautiful place! siguro, you guys not here appreciate it more kasi you’re in faraway lands! he! he!thanks for joining!.-= kg´s last blog .. =-.

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  25. Great discovery!!!The official record of Ulleungdo from the 1910’s had both of the names 竹島 and 石島 separately which means 竹島石島 in the 1900 Edict meant two real islands around Ulleungdo, not one island.And further more, it listed these two islands in the north part of Ulleungdo – it may mean these islands were Jukdo and 観音島.What a real great disocvery!! Thanks Yabutaro-san!

  26. Implicit information and hierarchies come into it, and the brain is nothing if not “layered”. The information content of the genome is specific to the characteristics of the chemistry used to implement it, as well. There may be usable analogs in other “media”, but I doubt that electronics’ “millions of times” speed advantage is going to be directly translatable into neural network implementations.

  27. Practice bird calls.Just kidding, although post audio if you do. Different types of feeders (for instance here finches need a different feeder type), or different placement. Some birds like to eat in the open, some on the ground, some from feeders closer to trees. Also, water. Birdbath is necessary, but some birds prefer moving water.

  28. SÃ¥ god du er Jane. Blir jo nesten litt rørt jeg. Hehe.. Du er en fantastisk venn Jane. Jeg setter ufattelig stor pris pÃ¥ deg. Du har vært en engel Ã¥ ha nÃ¥ i disse vanskelige tider. Timene pÃ¥ telefonen, og de koselige helgene vi har; fulle av strikking, god mat, shopping og jente tid setter jeg veldig stor pris pÃ¥. 🙂 Sender en god klem ned til deg fra her oppe i kalde nord. 🙂

  29. OT:I was looking at some exchange rates today. In the past month, the US$ has lost 2.1% against the Euro, 1.9% against the Pound Sterling, 2.6% against the Australian Dollar and check this 5.6% against the Indian Rupee. And the Chinese Yuan is pegged…to 1 Scotch.I wonder if this devaluation (coupled with the housing construction decline under way) will make it less enticing for illegals to hop into the US in a few years from now, since what they send back home in their local currency will be worth less.

  30. : en effet, ma mémoire me trompe (la garce). Vérification faite auprès du dieu google, il semble bien que le trop soit de trop. Mais c’est un qualificatif qui colle tellement bien à Wagner !Quand à me qualifier de sarkozyste c’est trop d’honneur (et le trop cette fois-ci tient son rang).

  31. I can’t understand why a publication owned by a Jewish family so consistently ignores the virulent anti-Semitism which has risen up in our time. When I meet a person and find that they hate black people, or they hate Jews, or that they hate any particular group of people, the person is delegitimized in my mind. They become, for me, a person whose opinions do not count.To the New York Times, somehow, a racist, or at the very least, a person who consorts with racists, is a “work in progress.”I just don’t get it.”Which train did you want me to take, Mr. Hitler?”

  32. Just to add – this post has definitely made me think more, though, about racial bias in books. For example, while I notice that many picture books have solely male pronouns, I realise I have failed to notice how many pictures have solely white characters (although I do notice – with pleasure – when there is a diverse mix of characters). It is always good to be reminded – thank you!

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  42. Looks fantastic….I’d love the food and particularly the banana and blue cheese piped thing, tho my piping is always the cut corner of a zip lock….ain’t fancy but it works…Great to see that your having such an awesome trip and are able to share some of it with Kate….Jacqueline…xxxx

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  46. To follow up, I do live in the mid-South… I really don’t know if Wisconsin gets an occasional temperate day in Winter, lol. But it shouldn’t really matter. Use all of your finished compost before the onset of Winter as John advises, then keep throwing your compost materials into the compost pile/bin over Winter. You’re always going to end up with finished compost ultimately… the schedule for distributing it in your garden will probably just differ from a warmer location.

  47. I’m not that far gone Mark, though I appreciate you keeping an eye out for me . No, myth is not a replacement for knowledge. However, it is a catalyst that enables us to put knowledge to work. We all know how easy it is to cogently, consistently, thoroughly know something and still remain stranded by our own inaction. Myth gives us heart.

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  50. I just went a read the steaming how-to post and I have a question before I ruin some eggs – hahahahaha. (I hate boiling eggs, too, and have been spending too much moolah on bags of boiled, peeled eggs!) Did you boil the water first and then put the eggs in the steamer for 15 mins? Or start them cold like you would if you were boiling them and start counting the 15 mins from when the water starts boiling? I’m going to guess the first one, but I just want to make sure =]

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  59. Wow das sieht mal wieder total perfekt und lecker aus. Ich liebe Granatapfel und bin begeistert, dass diese Frucht gerade Saison hat, so ist sie gar nicht so teuer!Das mit den Fotos kenn ich, finde das auch anstrengend…GLG und schönes Wochenende!Charlotte

  60. Franchement Dominique, je ne vois pas de propos racistes dans l’intervention de P.H.! De plus, il a sans doute raison. S’il dit mafia Turque, c’est parce qu’on parle de kebab, si on avait parlé de chaîne de sushis, il aurait pu parler de mafia japonaise et ainsi de suite.C’est vrai que le seul racisme valable et « politically correct » ici, est celui que l’on professe à l’encontre des Américains.

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